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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 20, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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(male announcer) this is the n 4 news starts now. (cheers & applause) >> the 49ers are super bowl bound. the niners will face off against the ravens in
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superbowl 47 on february 3rd. it'll be harbaugh versus harbaugh. the n-f-l's first brother versus brother matchup in superbowl history! at 11 - we start our 49ers team coverage with kron4's scott rates. he's live at san jose international airport where the 49ers are about to touch down after today's big win against the falcons. so scott when are they expected to land? >> reporter: in 18 minutes. a 11:80 that is actually a little bit ahead of schedule with a tail wind. a 11-18. let me show you with the route. they are going to land at san jose international and their jets will swing right around. you can see the stairwell where they will get into some much needed
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rest. we are waiting with a lot of anticipation. everybody is very excited. of 11:18. we will bring that to you updated. so, the san francisco 49ers the nfc chance everybody is excited to >> and kron4's philippe djegal hit the streets of sanwhere he ran into celebrating fans after the >> they certainly know how to party. the excelsior district. immediately following they poured onto mission district. who has cut a better than us? nobody.
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>> it is harbaugh vs harbaugh! we are going to take it all the way. >> it kind of looked like they would not get it but it looks like it is going to be an amazing super bowl. >> everybody is so excited. i think that it was 1995 the last time that it was a super bowl and in san francisco i was still on my mom of stomach. >> check the crowd. i believe following baltimore and new orleans they said to bring on their ravens. and and kron4's j-r stone was out at the 49ers game today where he found a handful of
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faithful 49ers fans at the georgia dome. he reports from atlanta. >> all is quiet right now at the georgia dome r dome rise up to sit down atlanta bow down! >> we are going to add one more to this. >> it was a beautiful game. the 49ers it deserves every bit of that victory. >> all the way from the savannah. i drove 11 hours and got here with no sleep. we are going to go to war lens! >> we are a little bit tired
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but we did what we are doing what we need to do. >> these are some of those fans that you just heard from they were worn it down. they showed up at a 6:00 a.m. eastern to get the party started. they were there for a volleyball match when we talk about the 49ers nation is certainly is. people from all over, pennsylvania, georgia just to name a few. in atlanta, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> after the 49ers punched their ticket to the super bowl the entire city of san francisco joined in on the celebration. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-seven news.
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you can see fans taking to the streets here in the mission. there they are clogging up traffic and hanging out of cars. gary radnich will be back updates on sports >> police said they expected large crowds and had extra resources available to handle any potential problems. after all it was good practice for the super bowl which is coming up in two new tonight at eleven. several streets are closed near 19th avenue and clement in san francisco. the police department says an apartment building broke out in flames just after 9- 45 tonight. police say some people who live close by have been evacuated from their homes. police say the building was fully engulfed when they arrived. but that the fire department knocked the
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flames out quickly. right now authorities say there are no injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. we could have some patchy dense fog. >> clear with a number warm day as would go for tomorrow. temperatures in the 30's. the coolest in the north bay. below freezing in pleasanton, livermore. how much more we can expect. big waves for surfers who competed in the mavericks surf contest. coming up we'll reveal the van aken will have your full seven day forecast. plus we'll show you some adorable 49ers fan photos that were sent us. stay with us we'll be right back! >> coming of the odds are out on the super bowl. who the favorites are and this colin kaepernick. only his
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ninth start. a great day and of course the 49ers we will be back with
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>> as promised, let us check back in with a scott rates. >> yes, we can mislead the airplane is on the tarmac. they are circling in just a matter of moments. the buses are out here. they should be accepting any time. the champions are home and back in the bay area. i can tell you that everybody is very happy. we will stay on this
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and hopefully get some fliers again that they're going to get on those baucis and they will drive them out here on this airport. once they get everything taken care of. >> hopefully they will get off that plane before it is too late to we will be back. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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>> we are back and i believe that that is the victorious 49ers. >> yes, there they are. getting off of the plane and the delta aircraft. they were met with three or four fans. screaming. it is just a very emotional and joyous occasion for the 49ers and the faithful let me show you several of these buses they are going to take them out of here and to get some rest. you can see all of them getting out of here the victorious 49ers. >> thank you, a long day and in other news. district.
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>> a young girl is sexually assaulted in san francisco's upper mission district.while rowdy 49ers fans take to the street to celebrate after the big game.kron4's haaziq madyun was the first reporter on the scene and has exclusive video of suspect taken into custody. >> reporter: in handcuffs for allegedly sexually assaulting a minorthat is what happened to this suspect as a 49er fan celebration got out of control and turned into a major brawl here on 30th street and mission in san francisco >> the parents came forward saying that her child was sexually battered. "sexually battered" >> reporter: while cuffed and standing on the sidewalkthe victim seated in the back of this patrol cargot a look at the suspect and positively identified him as the man who sexaully assaulted her that right now" no other persons have been arrested in connection to this casein san francisco >> police are now saying
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that the man shot to death in front of a san leandro bart station yesterday may have been an innocent bystander. kron4's maureen kelly has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: it was near this ac tranist bus stop outside the bayfair bart station that the shooting happened. you can still see bright orange paint marking where evidence was collected.some on the benches where people wait. this is video taken shortly after the the gunfire broke out just after noon on saturday.bart police say it happened after two groups of roughly 3-4 people got into an argument and then both groups started firing at each other. in the end.more than a dozen shell casings were collected at the scene.
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at least one of the bullet hit a 50 year old man.killing him.police say it doesn't appear that he had anything to do with the confrontation that erupted so violently. a woman was also injuredshe has been treated and released from the hospital. police say they are looking to talk to herand could not say if she had any connection to the groups who were fighting. one possible suspect was taken into custody.and the search is on for the others. .police investigators asy they are looking at surveilance tape taken from the scene.and they could been seen sunday re-interviewing witnesses.those waiting for the bus were dismayed over the death ofmaureen kelly kron4 news. >> the second story and john roberts. the oakland private ceremony. president obama has been sworn in for a second four- year term. supreme court chief justice john roberts administered the oath in a private ceremony.inside the blue room at the white house today. first lady michelle obama
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and daughters. malia and sasha were there to witness mister obama being sworn in. president time tomorrow. when he takes the oath of office at the >> four years ago temperatures were below freezing for tomorrow things will be warmer with low mid- 40s but it is going to be mostly cloudy. the chance for rain or shine o snow showers. however, beautiful weather this evening and more weather beautiful look for loss of sunshine once again. for martin luther king day and mid-60s. redwood city, we will sue low 60s inland. fairfield, antioch, livermore. san francisco getting into the low 60s. 60s in petaluma.
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60s and also when oakland. with your kron 4 7 day around the bay to state, more sunshine and a few increasing high clouds. as of this system and the pacific gets closer but still mid-60s as a big cool start. the increasing cloud coverage with the chance for some light rain in. the best chance to be in the north bay. thursday, friday with more wet weather for the weekend. >> santa cruz native peter mel won first place in this years mavericks invitational big wave surfing contest today. mel has participated in the competition since it first started in 1999 but this is the first year he's won the event. alex martins came in second place and greg long rounded
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out the top three. an estimated 30-thousand people turned out to watch the competition which hadn't happened since 2010. the waves were short by mavericks standards.with the largest waves cresting around 20 feet.
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>> good evening, everybody. it has been 18 years. colin kaepernick making his 9th career start - how would he handle the pressure against #1 seed atlanta in the dome? 2nd quarter
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matt ryan - perfect 20 yard touchdown pass to julio jones in corner of end zone 17-0 atl jones: 11 rec, 182 yards, 2 td's 2nd quarter, 17-0 atl lamichael james - busts into end zone with a 15 yard touchdown run 17-7 atl caps off 11 play, 80 yard drive kaepernick- leads another scoring drive culminating in a 4 yard touchdown pass to vernon davis 17-7 atl davis: 5 catches, 106 yds, td kaepernick: 16/21, 233 yds, td ryan - ends the half with this 10 yard touchdown strike to tony gonzalez 24- 14 atl ryan: 396 yards, 3 td's, 1 int gonzalez: 8 catches, 78 yds, td 3rd quarter
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49ers open 2nd half with an 82 yard drive capped off by this frank gore 5 yard td run off tackle 24-21 atl gore: 21 carries, 90 yds, 2 tds following a 49ers interception of ryan david akers- boots one off the left upright from 38 yards out that would have tied it. harbaugh can't believe it akers - missed most fg's in nfl this year 4th quarter after a ryan fumble kaepernick - hits michael crabtree over the middle who fights to get into end zone but fumbles at the 1 yard line the 49ers force 3 and out and force punt 49ers come right back down field and gore races untouched 9 yards into end zone as 49ers take first lead of game with 8:23 left 28-24 sf 4 mins left, falcons down 4 ryan - finds harry douglas on 3rd down - ball looks
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like it may have hit turf - but ruled a catch and 1st down harbaugh goes ballistic >> it was a great play by all of them, all of them, the quarterbacks, everybody is chipped in on this one. >> items 0 feeling good i am feeling great i'm exhausted. >> this team is it destined to win. we have a lot of members of that have good energy and character and that is what it is all about. >> we believe in each other and we know what we set out to do. >> id it just feels great to have your family together and everybody here. such a big win. 4th and 4, 1:09 leftfalcons on 10 yard line navarro bowman - breaks up whiteand that's the ballgame
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49ers celebrate tony g said he was wide open on the play.he walks off field for perhaps last time harbaugh handshakekaepernick hugs teammates.49ers win 28- 24.back to superbowl for first time in 18 years patriots, off 10-1/7 britney was off just a look of an offshore completed 20 of 54. baltimore had the lead and they never to of the fog off the pedal. 3-d intercepted twice. ray lewis we are going to hear a lot about his inspiration. john harbaugh. >> i hope that he is on his fourth or fifth beer by now. is it is just amazing. he is proud. he is proud
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>> two weeks from today, and in your latest. we will try to stay neutral. and the sun has come out on the 49ers see you later, everybody >> we can continue basking and let us leave the newscast with this. who has a better than us? >> and nobody!


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